The Shelter

by Between The Lines

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released December 18, 2016

All songs written by Between The Lines. Recorded by Diego G. 2015/2016.
Mixed and mastered by Diego G.
Produced by Between The Lines and Diego G. Released on December 2016.
Diego G. from "Teksuo" featuring on "Dethroning The Liars".




Between The Lines Oviedo, Spain

Metalcore/Hardcore band from Spain founded in 2013.


Guille: Vocals.
Miki: Guitar
Chris: Guitar
Rafa: Bass and backing vocals
Drest: Drums


Grupo asturiano de Metalcore/Hardcore fundado en Diciembre de 2012, formado por:

Guille: Voz.
Miki: Guitarra.
Chris: Guitarra.
Rafa: Bajo y coros.
Drest: Bateria.
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Track Name: Assassin
Thousand miles I have walked through nowhere, I've reached the end of the world and came back. Dreaming under the shades of the trees to find a rest to my soul. Two years spent through the loneliest minds. I just can win.This is people's sacrifice, you will pay with your life. The strength of our hearts is fed by the beat of the flame.We carry the flag to destroy everything, we live by the look of the watchers, we don't care if the crown was made of gold, what matters is the blood spat on them. I've got my soul full of fire and my fists full of hate, to you for every step that we take, for these snakes around my neck. I know that I could end up just like you, I told myself this time there's time to change. I have seen for years I can't direct myself until I've realised home is for the heartless.We won't pray. There is no sincerity between harmony and chaos, we are vampires feeding on distrust. I know I've said that we are all so dead but I'm not ready for death yet. Not for one second can I imagine of retraction. How much longer can we take beauty for granted. We've lacked of a reason, an absence of passion, we're living without clarity in a world of empty vision. Assassin, you will pay with your life. Can you hear the voice from people's hearts calling for those days we once knew? The place we knew before. I know that I could end up just like you, I told myself this time there's time to change.
Track Name: Mosaics
No one knows the truth I hold inside of me. I'm sick of feeling that I need to prove myself. So here I am after seen the ashes of all I built before. I'm still walking through even of those lines you drawn on me. And as the time is passing by I feel my bones getting older. I still find my peace by the hug of humanity. We lack of the colours and sounds, the lack of a reason to rebuild ourselves, from behind. Reasons to keep moving forward, desolate. We have the key. Look this perfect cycle, it's spinning on and on. You live your life in misery. You feed your lies with innocence. I won't show up my intentions, I need to prove myself what my pride have become. We are not the assistance you deserve so I’ll try to keep myself away. Away of my conscience, away from every emotion. I'm still living with this ghost every fucking day. And the memories you left me are all a part of my masquerade. I will take every stone I find on the road, build a wall and separate me from the world. No more time is spent following those traitor steps, I'll continue my way. We are away from reality.
Track Name: Dethroning The Liars
Dethroning The Liars
The streets are burning so get up! get up! get up! We will fight for our future. Don't allow your thoughts to leave your mind, becoming an empty shell. Expose me for all that I have been, those words resides colliding in the depths of the heart of that coward. Bring down the barricades and take those liars off the throne, we are not afraid, I refuse to be a bloody witness. My fists will only hit the floor to get up my knees, no truth on this, I've lost count of all the times I kept my head down. I thought by now I broke these chains and forgot all I was. But your name is pulling me down. This is my pray, for this broken world. This will claim for revenge so take out my violence. You are not convinced, you only see what I want you to see, refused to face reality. I want to throw it away, though it can end this way. I thought I've broken these chains but they will always remain. But your name is pulling me down. Our city lies in ruins and our lives are next left to rebuild from decay, while the whole world is crushing down around you. I saw these billion shades but my throat is lying, I won't give up. And the earlier we realize this the sooner we can return to our lives. Now it's your chance to relieve. I saw these billion shades but my throat is lying, I won't give up on this.
Track Name: The Shelter
The Shelter
Sometimes we're left to cover our weakness by the eyes of the other ones, I wonder if you know that you are missed and even now your shell is false. My heart was blinded, (with every step) I never care about how much it mveant. I feel the darkness surrounding me. I was too young to understand why I ended it all. I have take the gun by my own hand. But now you are gone, you left a hole in my heart, I can feel the cold, you left me alone, you left me against the world. Blaze, you set my wings ablaze so I can't fly away from this void. I feel the light deep in my chest, full of passion, full of purpose. I feel the light deep in my chest ready to take the place I've save for it. I guess I'll never know why you chose to say goodbye. I've ended here just like I started my way, so tired, I feel the colours fade away, but I can still live with the grey.
Track Name: Ruins
I close my eyes to fight the secrets deep inside me. I've realized, I got no words left to say, I am the sacrifice. My hands are too cold to hold, even when my heart embraces the warmth. This is far from an intention, I feel how it suffocates me. May I believe in an empty promise so I am slaved like the rest. Dear God, it seems you haven't heard my prays, or it is just I´m looking in the wrong direction. And i don't know what to expect. I know, I asked this once before. Why this was so hard? Stop me to drown, I feel every stone getting on my shoulders. All this pain, all this suffering, I'd rather be burned. We've been running blind so we chase the same stone again. I carry with me the hate that saved myself. I will carry it to the fucking hell. I never understand this fate reserved for me and taking a look back, it's just confusing me.
Track Name: Innocent Eyes
Innocent Eyes
So long since I got these maps drawn by hand, to direct, to define, worlds collide. I got to be thankful for these memories you shared with me, for all I learnt from you. I'm walking up again, inside another wasted life, how can I guide myself with this broken compass. We must look inside to realize the damage done. Hold my hand, there's not much time here left to reach the edge of this sea and leave ourselves behind. I thought we were so far apart, you were always here by my side. We can save this distance by connecting our hearts.